Wednesday, June 25, 2008

OK I'm FINALLY doing it!

I've decided to start a blog, since I have been ROUTINELY reminded by a dear friend that I should start one for the purpose of posting hot savings tips and helping others save money. She tells me it's easy and it does seem that it would be easier than sending an email out to several people, so here I go headfirst into the blogging pool.

First let me tell you a little about myself. I am a Mom that tries to juggle parenting, running a household, and working part time. I also have always loved to shop and even more than that I have always loved a bargain. The more I could save the bigger the rush I would feel. There is nothing better than hitting the clearance bin jackpot on a cute top that was $40 but been marked down to $6! I've also always used coupons, but didn't really get heavy into coupon usage until a little over a year ago. I started trying to find ways to cut back on my grocery bill and a friend of mine rekindled a old love of couponing. With all of the information available at your fingertips online, I found it much easier than it ever used to be to save lots and lots of money. I now spend about 39% of what I used to for groceries and I have tons of stuff now. It is rare that I run out of anything. I am also able to donate and share far more than I ever thought possible, even in an economy where the food prices are soaring to record levels. Through this blog I hope to help you too cut your grocery bill way down. It won't happen overnight but after several months, you will see a huge difference in spending.

My goal is to add tips over time. I'll start with basics and include some hot bargain tips for this area when I find them. Hopefully there will be info on this blog for the novice as well as the savvy couponer. Feel free to post questions in the comments section and I will try to answer them.

See you at the sales!



Nancy said...

Yeah! I'm so proud of you. Thanks for always being so willing to share your knowledge. You are a blessing!

Erin said...

Yeah!!! U go girl!!! Thanks as always!

Sherri said...

So proud of you Melsie! Can't wait to gain from all your wisdom!


aphrodite said...

you got it! you are amazing!!!!
Keep sending the info and thank you for all the things you do.....