Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tips to ponder while I'm coloring my hair

Well I have a few minutes while I am beautifying myself. I am tired of the natural blond platinum highlights in my hair, so I am covering them. I thought I'd use my time to let you in on a few general tips.

I keep an ongoing grocery list of things that I need due to running out or for something special. I look for these items in the sale papers and when I get lucky sometime I can pick them up. But generally the rule of thumb is buy things (especially non-perishables) when you don't need them and buy enough so that you'll have them when you do. I have a little "store" in my laundry and garage that I go to when I need to replenish my pantry. There is nothing wrong with having 108 rolls of toilet paper, it's not like it is going to go bad. Not to mention that is a necessity that you don't want to run out of!

Also I meal plan around what I already have in my freezer and fridge. I buy meat ONLY when it is on sale whether I need it or not and put it in Ziploc bags with labels and dates so when I want to serve it, I have it. I also keep a spreadsheet of what I have in my freezer and update it (using my receipts) when I go shopping. You don't have to be so anal, I am an accountant and what accountant doesn't love spreadsheets. You could also keep a spiral notebook on top of your freezer or a magnetic dry erase board attached to the door and just update it as necessary. I use my inventory list to plan my meals. All Recipes is a great website that you can search for recipes by ingredients to help with meal planning.

OK all for now, I must run before I look like Dracula!

See you at the sales!


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