Monday, July 14, 2008


Here are some deals at Bi-Lo this week:

Doritios B1G1F
Wishbone salad dressing 2.09-.75q= .59 (there is also a MIR that I have for $2 off chicken or produce WYB 2 wishbone salad dressings)
Jell-o pudding singles B1G1F-$16/8SS= Free or close to it, there is also $1 off milk WYB tearpad floating around and I was able to use both q's.
8'oclock coffee 3.99-$1/2= 3.49 ea.

plums .99lb

X14 mildew remover B1G1F 2.93-$1/2 (4/6SS)=.97 ea.
x14 toilet bowl cleaner B1G1F 1.41-$1/2 (4/6SS)=.21 ea.
Pantene long lasting shampoo $3-$2q-$1q Bi-Lo q = FREE
Loreal kids shampoo B1G1F-.75q from this week= .20

Let me know what you find and I'll post it here.

See you at the sales!


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