Sunday, July 13, 2008

Food Lion this week (7/15)

Here's what I saw at Food Lion this week. I am debating to make a trip there to get cherries and Bundinos since I've been wanting to try those. I have to run to CVS which is across the street for papers anyway! Sidenote: Get coupons this week (buy extra papers), there are some good ones!

Bing Cherries 2.99lb
FL OJ B1G1F 1.50
2 Betty Crocker Brownies $1-.50/2 IP =1.50 or .75 ea
Food Lion Salsa .99 FLIP BIGIF
Pasta Roni $1-.50IP=.50
Utz Cheese curls B1G1F
Kraft mac & cheese $1 -$1/2 FLIP
FL Fries 1.79
Food Lion ice cream 2.50- $1FLIP=1.50
Bundinos B1G1F-.50 All You magq
Tennesse Pride sausage $2-$1FLIP 7/9=$1
Bar S bologna .99-IP
Non Food
Glad trash bags 3.99-$1 FLIP=2.99
Scott Towels 5.99-$1 (6/29SS)=4.99
Electrasol 2.99-2.25q (7/13)=.74

See you at the sales!


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