Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A good baptist always shops the alcohol aisle!

Yes, you read that right. Let me let you in on a fantastic secret. Beer and wine companies offer many coupons and rebates on a variety of products to try to entice you to buy their alcohol. God Bless North Carolina as our state makes it illegal for those alcohol manufacturers to require you to purchase their alcohol to get the rebate. No I have not been drinking allow me to illustrate with some examples.

Recently Miller wanted to cash in on the Cinqo De Mayo celebration, so on their displays they had a tear pad offering a $25 rebate on a basket total of $75 or more. The rebate did not specify any particular products and no alcohol purchase was required, the only stipulation was that your total receipt was for $75. I'll admit I NEVER have a receipt that high anymore, but I stocked up on a meat sale which got me over the total. I sent my form and receipt in to the address listed and voila got a check about 5 weeks later for $25.

There is currently an offer form Coors for $10 rebate on chicken, barbecue supplies, paper plates, ice, water or soda totaling $20 or more. Most of the beer rebate tear pads I have found have been at Food Lion, but occasionally find them at Lowes Foods and HT.

The other marketing promotion out there are Wine Tags. These are coupons that hang around the neck of the bottle of wine for things like $2 off bread, or $1 off cheese or $2 off deli items. Again God Bless NC, you don't have to buy the wine. I have found most wine tags at Harris Teeter and the best time to find them is around the time of their monthly wine promotion. Sorry I can't remember when that is but I read that tip somewhere. Lowes also occasionally has Wine Tags.

If you find them, you may want to take a few extra to share with your friends or trade. I have found that the mail in rebates (MIR) are very popular in the trading forum on HCW. Just remember to be kind and leave some for others!

See you at the sales!


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