Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's official I'm a goober

Well, I always said I wouldn't be one of those people, but I am. Here's a picture of the fruits of my labor of 3 visits today:

In case you can't see (something is wrong with my camera, I must find the book) that's

7 boxes of cereal

6 bags of chips

6 bottles of Windex

4 bottles of shout

3 jar peanut butter

2 jars jelly

4 bottles salsa

8 bottles water

2 pkgs brwn sugar

2 pkgs powder sugar

2 boxes pantyliners

2 pkgs rolls/buns

4 Zone bars

2 pkgs batteries

2 bottles body wash

5 deodorants

stryofoam plates

stryofoam bowls

3 boxes gal size zipper bags

4 toothbrushes

1 Pepsi for my thirsty child (I CAN"T BELIEVE I SPENT 1.39!)

wet ones

Bam cleaner

3 bathroom cleaners

nutrigrain bars

Total spent in those 3 trips $17.60. And I have 2 $5 rebates to send in from this! Total VIC card and coupon savings for these trips: $226.28. I think that is well worth the time spent. I'm not done yet, I'll probably go back tonight as the fine people at HT gave me 4 $10 of $25 coupons.

I big old puffy red heart the Teeter!!! Bless them!

See you at the sales!



Nancy said...

Holy Moly! You rock Melsie!

Chrystal said...

Great savings!! Did they give you the 10 off 25 coupons in the store today? If so, which one?

Donna said...

Yes, please tell. How do you girls get these free coupons from HT? Do you ask Customer Service for them?

Melissa said...

Actually this sweet old man came by admiring my binder and he told me to check up front to see if they had any of the $10 off $25 coupons left. I was at the HT across from Siskey. The lady said I got her last one.

The coupons do not list specific store and they are good through August, so I would just ask C/S when you are in a store.
Particularly stores with nearby competition, I think they would be more likely to have them.