Thursday, July 17, 2008

Know your local Walgreens coupon policy...

I learned a while back during an unfortunate coupon episode that the managers at Walgreens are able to set their own coupon policy. They can decide whether or not to accept Internet coupons. Now of course it matters not that there are Internet coupons totally available from the Walgreens website!!!

I learned that lesson again the hard way when I found so items marked down at Walgreens I don't normally go to. They refused to accept the IP I had. Then get this, they told me to try the Walgreens down the street. Go figure. I did and they took it no problem.

Anyway here are the deals I picked up today:

Huggies Clean team wipes clearanced to 1.99 used $3/2 IP x7/31 (I printed this probably a month ago, not sure where and I can't seem to find it now)

Kotex pads clearanced to 1.79-$1 6/8SS, IP, All You mag = .79, if you are able buy 2 and you will get a $2 catalina good off your next purchase at Walgreens (FYI HT will take these so save it for triples).

Listerine Smart Rinse clearanced to 1.99-$1 4/27RP =.99

Index cards (WAG ad Coupon for 3/1.00)

Sharpies (WAG ad Coupon for 2/1.00)

2 Loreal Vive Hydragloss B1G1F- B1G1F q 7/13SS = FREE (I got the shampoo and conditioner for free)

3-Clorox wipes 2.49 - B2G1F q ( I traded with someone on HCW for this one, don't know where they got it from) and got $2 register reward for next purchase = .99 ea

Rite Guard deodorant 3.99-$1 -$2 ESR= .99

Hebert’s Fully Loaded Chocolate Bars .99-.99 ESR=FREE

Comment on your finds and I'll add them here.

See you at the sales!


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Leslie said...

Unreal the information that you have to share. Thanks for helping me save a little money! I heard Jen asked you to speak @ MOPS. Yea!! Thanks for saying yes! You will do a wonderful job and the mom's will love all the information you have to share. I hope you are having a great summer.
Leslie Brackman