Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bi-Lo month long sale through 9/9

I have finally gotten around to looking at the month long Bi-Lo bonus saver ad. Here is what I have found:

Chef Boyardee 10$10
.35 8/3SS
$1 /3 IP

Hunt's snack packs 10/$10
.30/2 8/3SS

Sparkle paper towels 10/$10
.50 blinkie

Knorr Pasta or Rice 10/$10
.75/2 8/18RP

Unlce Ben's Rice 10/$10
.75 7/13RP

Michelina's Entree's 4/$5
$1/5 IP

10% off Ringo's chicken O's or Piggies in Pancakes
$1 (no idea where I got this q)

Sunny D 2/$3
.55/2 All You Mag

Heluva Dip 1.69
.50 6/29SS
.75 (link on right of blog)

Snyders of Hanover prezels 2/$5
.75 5/11SS 6/8SS

Snyders of Hanover multigrain snacks 2/$6
.75 6/8SS

Nabisco 100 cal packs 2/$5
.55 tear pad q

KC Masterpiece 2/$3
$1.50/2 Bud display tearpad

Weber Grilling spices 2/$4
.50 5/18
$1 blinkie

Breakfast Breaks B1G1F
B1G1F q's in some mags make this item free for 2!

100 cal bars 2.50
.70 7/27SS
$3 off milk WYB 3 packs

Chinet paper plates 2/$5
.75 blinkie
Free ketchup WYB plates

Edy's Dibs 2/$6
$1/2 Panda display tearpad q
Buy 2 and get a catalina for a B1G1F ticket to Ghostown in the sky.

Wild caught salmon fliets 2.99
$2 wine tag for Alaska seafood found at HT

Sunmaid raisins 2/$4
$1 (I have no idea whaere I got this q)

There are also lots of coupons for Bi-Lo brand products are in this flyer, I'll check the prices and update here if I see anything that is a deal.

See you at the sales!


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