Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bi-Lo through 9/2

I went to Bi- Lo today and got a ton of stuff for about $15. My total before coupons was $90 after coupons $15 and I have a rebate for $10 gift card when you buy $50 worth of Kraft stuff. I got this rebate in a trade with someone at HCW, so I have no idea where it came from but she also sent me a ton of Kraft coupons that look like they came from the same flyer, so if you have it, rush on down to Bi-Lo as the sale, coupons and rebates expire on 8/30.

Newbie sidenote:
The thing I love about rebates at Bi-Lo is on their receipts if you give them your bonus card at the end, the sales price comes off at the bottom of your receipt and the items you purchased show up at their regular retail at the top. Makes it nice when you have to come up with a dollar amount. For example I bought the Kraft mac n cheese crackers that are regularly 2.99 on sale for $2 used a .55 coupon that doubled and got them for .90 a box. I bought 3 of them and then used the B3Kraft products get 1 free coupon from the All You magazine this month to get some wheat thins that . I can include all of those items towards my total which add up to $12.56 but only cost me $2.70. I did several different combinations to get me to the gross total and also bought some other things. So after my $10 rebate I really paid $5 for several bags of groceries. Oh and by the way, when you give them your bonus card last, they take off the full retail price for your "free" items, not the sale price, so I got a lot of overages. They are also giving away catalinas for $ of $$ the amounts vary, I used a $6 of $30 and a $4 off $40 and got another one today for $7 off $40.

Go through your coupons just about all the deals I've picked up have coupons expiring 8/30.

Here's what I bought:

Kool Aid singles B1G1F
$1 ( I think this came in the BiLo insert awhile back)

Kraft singles 2/$4
$1/2 Panda tearpad q

Kraft mac and cheese crackers
.55 tearpad q found at Food Lion

Kraft salad Dressing 2/$4
used Free WYB 3 Kraft prod
& Bi-Lo $2 off produce WYB 2 bottles of Kraft

OM lunchables 2.50 (these are actually cheaper at Wal-Mart 1.86, but I need them to get to my $50
B3G1F ( I think this came in the BiLo insert awhile back)

Nabisco Wheat thins 2/$5
used Free WYB 3 Kraft prod

Crystal Light B1G1F
used Free WYB 3 Kraft prod

Kraft shredded cheese 2/$5
$1/2 Panda tearpad q
& Bi-Lo $2 meat WYB 2 Kraft shredded cheeses (I used this to get a NY Strip steak that was marked down all ready by $4)

Other notable deals:

Breakfast Breaks B1G1F
B1G1F coupon (someone gave this to me it looks like it came from a magazine insert)

Chex Mix B1G1F
.60 IP
.50 8/10GM

Cole slaw 2/$3

Smart balance veg oil spray (like Pam) B1G1F
.50 8/10RP

Mt. Olive pickles B1G1F
.50 blinkie

Bulls Eye BBQ sauce B1G1F
$1 IP

Lloyd's BBQ
$1 (not sure where it came from)

Promise drinkable yogurt B1G1F
.55 Panda tearpad q

See you at the sales!


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