Sunday, August 10, 2008

Harris Teeter through 8/12

Here's what I found this week at HT: Updates from comments in blue.

--- Department: Produce -------------------------------------------
Farmers Market Mushrooms [8 ounce - Sliced or Whole White] 99¢

Farmers Market Garden Salad [16 ounce] 99¢

Athena Cantaloupes [NC Grown- Farmers Market] B1G1F

--- Department: Meat - Packaged -----------------------------------
Smithfield Premium Sliced Bacon [12-16 ounce] 2/$6 .75 q = 1.50

--- Department: Grocery -------------------------------------------
Doritos, Cheetos, SunChips [3.1-3.7 oz - 100 Calorie Packs] 2/$4
.55 tear pad q = .90

Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey Nut Cheerios, or Cheerios [12.25-14 oz - General Mills] 3/$6
.55 IP = .90

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks [5.4-9 oz] 3/$5 .80/2 IP =.77ea

Del Monte Fruit Cups [4 Pack] 3/$6 $1 / 2Target mailed q =1.50

--- Department: Non-Foods -----------------------------------------
Viva Paper Towels [6 Pack] $5.99 7/13SS various q’s also .50 IP

Glade scented oil burners on sale for $3.49 and a $4.00 Q in last week. Thanks Shelly!

--- Department: Frozen --------------------------------------------
Kraft Bagel-fuls [10 oz - Original or Cinnamon] 2/$5
.55 tear pad q = 1.40

Ore-Ida French Fries [32 oz: Golden Crinkle] 4/$10
$1 /2 Target printable (your HT may or may not take this as their new thing is to not take Competitors IP’s)

1 - Contessa Sesame Chicken [24 ounce] $4.99
1.50 q = 3.49

--- Department: Dairy ---------------------------------------------
Born Free Cage Free Eggs [1 Dozen - White or Brown] B1G1F
I think I have a q for these, but not sure where it came from

Dannon Activia or DanActive [4 Count] 2/$4
.50 or $1 q’s

1 - Harris Teeter Butter [16 ounce - Salted or Unsalted - Quarters] 2/$5

B1G1F HT yogurt
Donna got a flyer from HT last week stating that if I use my VIC card this week and buy one HT yogurt, it will be free Thanks Donna!

See you at the sales!



Donna said...

Melissa, I got a flyer from HT last week stating that if I use my VIC card this week and buy one HT yogurt, it will be free. I don't know if it was just for those who received the mailing, or not. It's a good deal,though!

Melissa said...

Is there a limit? I may have to try it and see if it works for me too. I could use some yogurt. Thanks for the tip!

Donna said...

You can only get one for free.

Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa, I wanted to let you know a deal that I found today at HT. The glade scented oil burners You probably already knew this but wanted to make sure. Hope you are doing well. Talk with you soon. Shelly (MCA)

Shelly said...

Do not know what happened to my post but it should have said.

Glade scented oil burners on sale for $3.49 and a $4.00 Q in last week. This along with the GUM toothbrushes allowed me to get my Mac and cheese free along with the Cheese, Wheat thins, Hotdogs Crystal light.

Shelly (MCA)

Melissa said...


No I did not know about the Glade burners.

What's the cheese, wheat thins, hot dogs and crystal light deal?

Donna said...

She's referring to those free coupons that were either in the paper or All You magazine recently. If you buy 3 Kraft or Nabisco products, there were coupons for free Wheat Thins, Cheese, Hot Dogs...

Gum toothbrush's are $1.00 this week and there is a .50 coupon out there for them (I think from last week's paper).

Shelly said...

Sorry Melissa just saw your comment. It was in this months ALL YOU, (I bought 5 of them) when you buy 3 Kraft products you get either Cheese (120z)Crystal Light (up to $4.50, Hotdogs( up to $4.51) or wheat thins (up to $4.00) for free so with the overages from the Glades I was able to pay for my Mac and Cheese or my Kool aid(this qualifies for it also) Also my overages on the GUM toothbrushes helps.

I was also thinking about the Wheat thins that you get for free (i have several left still) that is a Nabisco product and the other post I did on the FL from this week was about the Nabisco Coupons at FL (you can go read that deal) I was thinking, if you purchased 6 Kool aids you would get 2 Wheat thins (free) you would also get $3.00 off on your milk. I have 2 of those Nabisoc Q's so I think I will do that deal along with the Oreo's (that I mentioned on the FL comments) and get cheap milk for 2 weeks in a row Yeah!!!