Friday, August 15, 2008

Lowes Foods through 8/19

LOWES through 8/19
Busload of savings coupons good through 9/2 in their paper last week, they may have come at C/S. Pick up a circular and hold onto it as they are still good:
Kellogg’s Cereal 2/$4
Pop Tarts 2/$3
Nabisco Tray Packs2/$7
Lance Crackers 2/$4
Mott’s apple juice or applesauce 2/$3
Lowes Sandwich cookies 2/$3
Whitewheat Bread 2/$3
LF PB 1.39
Welch’s jelly 2/$3
Kraft mac & cheese 2/$1
Smuckers Uncrustables 2/$4
Tombstone Pizza B2G1F
Florida’s Natural 2/$5
GM cereals 2/$4
BC Fruit Snacks 2/$4
LF Instant Oatmeal 2/$3
LF grape juice 2/$4
Nestle fun size candy bars 2/$4
Orville micro popcorn 2/$3
Kool Aid Bursts 5/$5
Kashi cereal $1 off
Capri Sun 2/$4
Nature Valley granola bars 2/$4
LF sandwich bags 2/$3
LF brown lunch bags 5/$4
LF snack bags 4/$5
Pillsbury cookies 2/$5
Danimals yogurt 2/$5
Sorrento Stringsters 2/$5
I have manufacturers q’s for the items listed in bold above, so check your coupon stash. You can combine the store coupon with the manufacturer q/=. I give them the manufacturer q first so it will double then give them the store q’s at the end.

Specials this week:
Get double greenpoints wyb $75 worthGet triple wyb $100and get 5x wyb $150
I never spend $75 so don’t think I can use this!

Kids Cuisines $2
$1 /2

Edy’s ice cream B1G1F

Totinos pizza rolls 15ct are 10/$10.
$1 IP

Peaches .99

Coffeemate 2/$4

Mission Tortillas 2/$5

Chef Boyardee microwaveable 5/$5

Hunt’s snack pack 5/$5

Past Roni 4/$5
.50 IP possible overage

Lunchables 3/$5


Entenmann’s little bites B1G1F

See you at the sales!


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