Monday, August 11, 2008


FREE after rebate this month:
Lightbulbs 1.99
Water pitcher filter 6.99
Vacuum storage bags 5.99 & 9.99
Jane be pure mineral makeup 4.99

Weekly Deals:

Covergirl B1G1F-B1G1F Q = FREE
B1G1F Q 8/3P7G or
$1 8/3P&G
(I haven’t tried this yet, so I’ll update and let you know if it’s do able!)

Scotch Tape 2/$1 Wags Ad Q
(I need this!)

BIC pens 2/$1- Q= FREE
$1/ 2 Bic old IP
I think there were q's in last weeks paper too but can't remember

Oxy Acne Cleaning Products B1G1F 2/4.99
$1 5/4RP

2 boxes Band Aid’s (2.99x2)-(2x$1)-$3RR=.98
$1 5/18RP 6/22RP 7/27SS

See you at the sales!


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