Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Use those Electrasol coupons!

Target has the Electrasol on sale for $2.79 this week so you can use those $2.25 coupons to pick up some for .54! While your their pick up the Johnson Buddies (.97) soap for free using the $1 coupon.


Shelly said...

Lowes has Electrsol on BOGO this week. The paper shows 4.65 a box and a BOGO sale but what I have found in the stores is 4.95 and BOGO. Comes out to about .22 cents a box but still really good. Hope you are doing well, Did you ever give Hubby my card? We may be looking for someone soon. Shelly (MCA)

Melissa said...

Thanks Shelly! I haven't even looked at the Lowes sale paper yet.