Monday, October 13, 2008

Rite Ad through 10/18

WOW What a week! Stock up for cold and flu season!

Nasflo Neti Pot 10.99-10.99SCR=FREE

Ayr Saline Nasal Rinse Kit 6.99-6.99SCR-$1 Q= $1 MONEYMAKER
$1 inside package

Neilmed sinus rinse kit 4.99-4.99SCR-$1Q= $1 MONEYMAKER$
1 Peelie on package

Simply Saline 6.99-6.99SCR -$1Q= $1 MONEYMAKER
$1 IP from a while back that has not expired yet no longer online

Children’s Advil Liquid 3.99-3.99SCR-$1Q= $1 MONEYMAKER
$1 9/7RP (may be a Target Q and I’m not sure if Rite Aid would take)

Children’s Throat Cooler 2.99 -2.99SCR-B1G1Q= 2FREE

Mentholatum cherry chest rub 2.99-2.99SCR = FREE

Little Colds 3.99-3.99SCR= FREE

Little Noses 3.99-3.99SCR= FREE

Theraflu 3.99-3.99SCR-$1Q= $1 MONEYMAKER
$1 IP
Excedrin 3.99-3.99SCR-$2Q= $2 MONEYMAKER

Triaminic Cough Syrup, thin strips or vapor fan 3.99-3.99SCR-$2Q= $2 MONEYMAKER
$2 IP

Comtrex 3.99-3.99SCR= FREE

Bee MD 2.49-2.49SCR = FREE

Nexcare Cold Sore Treatment 8.99-8.99SCR-$2Q= $2 MONEYMAKER
$2 IP

Simply Saline allergy /sinus 3.99-3.99SCR= FREE

Simply Saline nasal mist 4.99-4.99SCR=FREE

Hylands sniffles and sneezes or cough syrup 3.99-3.99SCR= FREE

Breathe Again 7.99-7.99SCR= FREE

Buckley’s cough mixture 3.99-3.99SCR= FREE

4way nasal spray 3.99-3.99SCR= FREE

Chloraseptic throat spray 2.99-2.99SCR= FREE

Sucrets throat lozenges 2.99-2.99SCR-1.50MIR= $1.50 MONEYMAKER
1.50 MIR peelie on package (you do not need to send in receipt to Rite Aid for the SCR so you can use it to get the MIR on the sucrets!)

Zucol 5.99-5.99SCR= FREE

Sambucol 7.99-7.99SCR= FREE

Novitra 8.99-8.99SCR= FREE

Orajel 6.99-6.99SCR-$1.50 MIR= $1.50 MONEYMAKER
$1.50 MIR (you do not need to send in receipt to Rite Aid for the SCR so you can use it to get the MIR on the Orajel!)
.75 possible q inside package

Softlips 2.99-2.99SCR=FREE

Chapstick 1.99-1.99SCR-1.99MIR= $1.99 MONEYMAKER
Try Free MIR 10/12SS
.50 peelies found on cherry chapsticks

Lizard Lips .99-.99SCR= FREE

Lypsyl 1.99-1.99SCR=FREE

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