Sunday, October 26, 2008

Super Doubles @ KMart

KMart is having super double coupons this week! They will double coupons up to $2 face value, with a max of 75 per day. They will NOT double internet printable coupons (IP), so start going through your regular coupons.
There are quite a few posts on HCW in the KMart forum. I think I will go through my binder tonight and head over there tomorrow to see if I can find any deals. If I do I'll let you know what I find and if you see any let me know!

UPDATE I went to the one in Monroe today. They were stalked ok, but I noticed a few things they were out of. In my opinion the store's prices were extremely high even more than HT! I did find a few things but I mostly used coupons that were tearpad or home mailers so if you don't have them you may want to just skip it and wait for triples at HT. I did not use any coupons that you had to buy two or more products as I have read there have been problems with those. Here is what I got for $15.80 (my subtotal before q's was 66.61):

2-Loreal eye shadow singles 3.49 B1G1
$1 8/17RP (use two q's) =FREE

1-No Nonsense body shaper 6.49
$2 peelie on the package =2.49

4-Energizer Max batteries 4.19 (AAA&AA) 9V were $6 and I needed those!
$2 tearpad q (found in FL awhile back)= .19

2-Dove Color Treated shampoo & conditioner 3.79
$2 10/12RP = FREE

1-Bic twin select razors 2.99
$2 10/12SS = FREE

2-Pepcid Max 8 ct. 4.99
$2 8/24RP= .99

1-Lysol kitchen cleaner 2.79
$1 from hangtag on toilet bowl cleaner awhile back = .79

1-Ziploc vacuum pump 3.99
$2 Oct All You = FREE

1-Ziploc vacuum pump refill bags 2.79
$1 Oct All You = .79

3-Greased Lightening 2.99
$1.50 Oct All You = FREE

1-Nestle Crunch bars 1.67
$1 home mailer from Nestle = FREE

1-Ragu 1.99
$.75 Home mailer = .49

1-Toll House cookies 3.49
$1 home mailer from Nestle = 1.49

OK Now I'm behind on my Walgreens, CVS & Rite Aid posts (BTW Rite AId has some great freebies this week). I'll try to get them done between now and Wed!

If you went to KMart, how'd you do? Post a comment and let me know!


Donna said...

KMart has a strange policy. If the total price of the item is less than what your doubles will be, they will only give you half of the double price. For example, I bought some raisins that I had a $1 coupon for if I bought two packages. The raisins were less than $2 a pack, so they wouldn't give me the whole dollar in doubles. Crazy! I spent about 20 minutes looking over my coupons with the cashier. VERY frustraging esp with 2 toddlers:)

The baby wipes were a good deal. I had a bunch of $1 off coupons for Pampers. And the Halloween Candy coupon for Nestle or Willie Wonka candy ($1 off 3) is a good deal. The candy is $1.67 a bag w/out coupon.

Melissa said...

That is a strange policy! I read on HCW about similar problems so I won't be buying anything that I have to buy two of to use the coupon. I couldn't go this morning as I had to take my son to the dentist. I'm getting ready to head out now.