Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bi-Lo through 11/11

Update: I got Bi-Lo's monthly flyer here is what I saw inside it:

There are Southern Home (Bi-Lo’s brand) coupons in the monthly ad, be sure to check them out when you are in the store. Sometimes they will put things on sale and have a coupon for them for great deals. There is also a .55 Tennesse Pride coupon exp 1/31 in the monthly ad. It’s not a deal at Bi-Lo but I have seen this go on sale at Lowes for 1.99 so pick the coupon up!

Domino Powdered or Brown Sugar .98
.35 on 2lbs. 10/12RP= 1.26
.50 on 2lbs. 10/12RP = .48 ea.

Martha White baking mixes 10/$10
.55/2 11/9RP = .45ea.

Progresso Broth 32oz. 1.89
$1 10/5GM= .89

Veg-All Mixed Vegetables 5/$5
.35 11/9 =.30

Coffee-mate 3/$5
.50 11/2RP= .66ea
$1 IP & $1.50/2 IP

Knorr Rice Or Pasta Side Dish 10/$0
.75/2 10/5 RP = .25 ea.

New England Coffee B1G1F (est price $5.99)
$1.50 10/5RP= $1.50 ea.

Melitta Coffee Filters 2/$3
(I need these!)

Oranges 4lb bag B1G1F
Red Potatoes 5lb bag B1G1F
Baby Carrots 1lb bag B1G1F
Onions 3lb bag B1G1F
Grapefruits .99

Coffeemate 3/$5
.50 11/2RP= .66ea

Tennesee Pride sausage gravy $1
$1 9/28RP = FREE

Oscar Mayer bologna B1G1F
.55 Home mailer

Knorr pasta $1
.75/2 10/5RP =.25ea

Chef Boyardee $1
.35/3 10/19SS= .77 ea
.50/2 forkables= .50 ea.

Dinty Moore Big bowls B1G1F
$1 /2 9/7SS

Healthy Choice soup B1G1F
.75/2 10/26SS

Martha White $1
.55/2 11/8= .45 ea (cheaper with triples at HT)

Betty Crocker Warm delights 3/$5
.50 10/5GM

Betty Crocker pouch potatoes5/$4
.40 9/14SS= FREE
.35 10/15GM= .10

Tetley Tea B1G1F
Mail in rebate= FREE (possibly a moneymaker as they will give you full price back)

DELI: Buy 2lbs or more to get a gas token!
D&W ham 5.99
$1 home mailer q (if you email them they will send you coupons)

Duracell batteries 2.99
.75 10/26RP= 1.49

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