Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Money Saving Tips

Since money is so tight for us this year, I've really been trying to come up with inexpensive Christmas gifts. Here is a list of some things I've thought of. Oh and don't be surprised if this is what you get from me!

Shop the clearance aisle every time you are in a store, you never know what you will find! I recently found a Speed Racer DVD in CVS for .70!

Also I've found scented fall candles marked down 75-90%. The red ones make great Christmas gifts. Tie them up with tissue paper and tie with a bow and write on the gift tag "Thank you for being a "light" in my life" or for a teacher gift add child's life.

Use your freebie collection to make gift baskets. You can get baskets on sale at AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, or Michael's. Use coupons for additional savings. You can also pick them up occasionally at the Dollar Store or Goodwill. If it's an odd color, buy a can of spray paint for .97 at Wal-Mart and paint it! Try to theme your gift baskets fill a "Girly Girl" one with lotions, creams, shampoos, make up, lipstick, nail polish. A "manly" basket could include deodorant, shaving cream, razors, a tool or extension cord. A "college student" would love a basket filled with school supplies and personal care items!

Make something. Bracelets and necklaces are so easy to make and the possibilities are endless. Shop sales at craft stores and don't forget to use their coupons, there are usually ones in their circulars.

An idea I stole from my friends Erin & Nancy was to buy a box of solid color glass ornaments. Using glass or acrylic paint, paint polka dots on them in a coordinating color. Tie with a pretty coordinating ribbon and you have a custom ornament to give to someone. My friends even put a letter sticker on it so it was even more personalized. Here are the ones they made me last year:

Create a coupon booklet. You can use your computer to create a booklet to give to a friend or loved one. Some coupon ideas are: free childcare (you specify the amount), a home cooked meal, a car wash, a house cleaning or a room cleaning, or a household chore.

Bake something. Every year our neighbors on our cul de sac exchange baked goods. You can find containers really cheap at the dollar store. I usually place mine on a plate, wrap mine in basket wrap and tie a big bow around the top. It's a great way to use up all those free brownie, cake and cookie mixes!

Take a ziploc bag and mix up Hot Cocoa Mix or Russian tea. Find an inexpensive mug at the dollar store, put your ziploc bag of mix in the mug tie up mug with tissue paper. Make a gift tag from card stock with the directions for making a cupful and write "Thinking warm thoughts of you this Christmas" on the gift tag.

Grandparents love pictures of their grand kids! You can get frames at the dollar store and use your digital camera to take shots of your child. I use Costco a lot for pictures and they have a feature where you can make your digital photos in black & white, sepia or play around with the color at no additional charge. A 5X7 or 8X10 enlargement will run you around a $1.

What are your favorite inexpensive Christmas ideas? Add a comment, I'd love to hear about them! Remember you don't have to spend a lot to enjoy Christmas and the best gifts of all can't be bought!

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