Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Harris Teeter through 12/02

wheat thins / triscuits / Ritz crackers B1G1F
Eagle brand condensed milk 2/4
.55 11/9RP
Lays Chips B1G1F

Rib Roast 4.99lb
Incredible price, stick it in your freezer and have Prime Rib for Christmas dinner!

Angus Reserve Rib Roast 5.99

Sister Schuberts yeast rolls B1G1F 2.10-.50Q= 1.10
.50 11/09 RP

Breyers ice ceam B1G1F 2.78-.50= 1.78
.50 9/8SS

Birds eye steam fresh B1G1F .75-.35Q= .05
.35 10/12 SS

organic naturals milk 4.99

Kraft singles 2/$4-.50Q= $1
.50 11/02 SS(yay I need cheese!)

asparagus 1.49 lb

Sweet Potatoes 3lbs/.99

Celery 1.49

coca-cola products B1G1F 2.85-$1=1.85
$1 off 12 pack my coke rewards Q
For all my Diet Coke fans!

Spring water 24 pack B1G1F

cheer liquid 3.99-.35Q= 3.29
.35 10/12P&G exp 11/30
(yay I need Cheer!)


Donna said...

I don't know if anyone else got one, but I got a $5 off any HT Roast coupon in the mail yesterday. I hope this works for the prime rib. I'll try it!

Melissa, I've never met you, but I LOVE your blog. I check it daily and it has really saved me money. Thank you very much!!!

Melissa said...

Great deal, I bet the coupon will work. I didn't get one.

I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. I feel like I know you since we have a mutual friend (Nancy). Any friend of hers is a friend of mine!