Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Death of a Saint

Dear Friends,

I wanted to give you all an update. I'm sorry I have not gotten out here earlier. I know I have seen a lot of you and told you how my MIL was doing, but I never made it out here to post.

On January 6th we learned that there was nothing more the Doctors could do and they turned my MIL's care over to Hospice. She was able to be at home. God continued to keep us in His care as that afternoon my husband received a phone call with a job offer. I think it was perfect timing as he got to be there when she needed him there and has a job to distract him now. The following is a note I posted on Facebook and I thought it was fitting for here too:

Last Saturday my MIL slipped into a coma at her home. Hospice told us this would happen and that she would have 12-24 hours left. Her immediate family gathered at her home to be with her during her final hours. She had told the Hospice nurse and social worker on Wednesday that she was "anxiously awaiting" being with the Lord. She also said that she hoped her family and friends could feel the peace that she was feeling. Her life was a walking testimony to her faith, the way she handled the cancer returning was such an inspiration. I watched her go through so much but she continued to smile through it all.Just before midnight we all gathered around her bed in a circle, we needed to pray with her. We held hands and started a prayer chain. By the time the last person finished praying, my MIL was gone. We prayed her right up into Heaven. I know it was exactly how she would have wanted to leave us. I cannot begin to explain the feeling I had while I was praying, to say I physically felt the Lord would be an understatement. He was there no doubt about it.

Earlier in that day I had read the book “90 minutes in Heaven” while my MIL lay sleeping beside me. If you have not read that book I encourage you to do so, especially if you are dealing with the loss of a loved one. On Thursday before my MIL died, I got the honor of hearing her talk to loved ones that had passed away years ago. She talked with her Mother and talked with her Sister. On Friday while Kelly (my sister-in-law) was there my MIL had many more conversations with people that had passed away. Every conversation would end the same way "where are you going" or "when will I see you again." I know in my heart she is with the Glory of God and all of her family that she talked to. I think God allowed us to see those conversations to give us more peace and comfort. I also believe we are meant to share it with others. It was a way for my MIL to witness from the grave. There is a Heaven, there is a Jesus. She believed and I know she is there. I believe and I know I will see her again. I pray that everyone who reads this will be there too.

Here is her memory page you can click on "movie" to see a photo display. All the photos she picked out herself in the weeks before her death. It's another gift from an incredible lady.

My In-Laws in September.
I will try to start getting my schedule back in order and start posting regularly in February. Thank you for your prayers and emails of encouragement. Please continue to pray for my family as we grieve. We miss her so much!


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