Monday, March 2, 2009

Rite Aid through 3/7

Rite Aid

Rite Aid has the Single Check Rebate program. I do not like it near as much as the Walgreens one as there is not as much incentive, but FREE is free! You can log online and enter your receipts and no mailing is required. They will mail you a check for your rebate amount. It is possible to make $ when there are coupons available for the free stuff.

$5/ $25 coupon exp 3/13

A good opportunity to make $5 by picking up the following items with the above coupon. Make 2 separate trips and make $10!

SnoreStop Extinguisher 0.4 $12.99-12.99SCR = FREE

Soothe Eye Drops 15ml $7.49-7.49SCR = FREE

Novitra 0.25 oz $7.99 -7.99SCR = FREE

SinusBuster Sinus & Headache Formula or Allergy Formula 20ml $8.99- 8.99SCR = FREE

Ocean Complete Nasal Rinse 6 oz $8.99 -8.99SCR = FREE
$1 coupon in package

Snorestop fastTabs 60 ct, NasoSpray 40ct $8.99-$8.99SCR = FREE

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