Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bi-Lo through 6/10-6/16

Bi-Lo is having a whopper of a sale with a ton of B1G1F items. In recent trips I have had problems using B1G1F coupons for B1G1F sales at Bi-Lo. They are now taking off the 1/2 off price. For example if you buy something that is normally $2 and it's B1G1F and you have a B1G1F coupon, they will take $1 off for the coupon. This means you get two of the items for $1. Make sense? It used to be a big money maker as they would take off full price($2) and you would get both items for free, but they aren't doing that anymore.

Anyway Southern Savers has a great Bi-Lo list.

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