Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dollar Store Duds

I'll admit I love popping in the dollar store from time to time for some bargain hunting. I recently found multi pack of individual snack packs of Lance peanuts and a case for my sons iPod Nano. There are definitely bargains for the searching in the dollar stores. However it is also full of low quality iems too. I just read an interesting article that was talking about which dollar store items were not good deals after all. From now on you may want to stay away from these dollar store finds:

kitty litter scoopers
canned tomatoes
trash bags
zipper baggies
shower liners and hooks
dog leashes

Of course if you shop right and use coupons, some of these items can be purchased for way less than a $1!

Leave a comment and tell me what was your best dollar store find?

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