Saturday, January 30, 2010

Favorite Links

Here are some of my favorite links that I use quite often:

Forums: There are several forums that I frequent to get information. There are 2 that I love that are devoted to couponing. You can search deals listed by store, trade coupons,find coupons, information about free stuff, information about rebates, post deals you find, and just network with fellow couponers. If you are new it's a good idea to read the postings in the forums devoted to beginners or newbies. My name is Melsie on all of these:

Hot Coupon World

A Full Cup

Charlotte Mommies (particular to couponing is the Domestic Goddess Forum)

Coupon Database: There are several coupon databases out in the Internet world but I really like HCW's best!

Hot Coupon World coupon database

Here are a couple sites I use for previewing the upcoming coupon inserts, to see if I need to get additional papers this week:

Taylor Town

Sunday Saver

Orginization: This site is a favorite of mine for all kinds of organizational helps. There are stockpiling calculators, binder labels, all sorts of templates to make your life easier!

Grocery Geek

Online Coupon Codes: Anytime I place an online order I look for a coupon code first. There is almost always one for free shipping or a % off.

Retail Me Not for online coupon codes

Get Rewards for doing very little: Ebates is an online reward system that pays you a %age based on the total amount you order. They have lots of stores listed through them. Every company I've ever bought something online from, is listed there. Swagbucks is an online search engine that awards you points that you redeem for very cool things, like gift cards! It is AWESOME!!! I made it my homepage and I average about 5 swagbucks a day just searching!

Ebates (tell them referred you and I'll get credit)


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