Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Game Day Packs

With the weather turning warmer, sporting events return. Like probably many of you, my son is involved in sports. This means I will have a turn in taking a snack to the field for the players. I often scramble at the last minute to pull something together. Well this year our atheletic oranization is offering a solution as a fundraiser. This year our fundraiser are "Game Day Packs". The packs include:

  • 12 Powerades
  • 12 Kraft Food Snacks
  • 4 Coupons - 10% Off Lowes Foods Groceries
  • Additional coupons to participating companies

All packaged in a convient box with a handle. Keep in mind you can use the Lowes grocery coupons at many of the competing grocery stores in our area (Harris Teeter, Bi-Lo). It's a great deal and you support a great organization.

If you are here local in the Charlotte area and interested in purchasing one or more than one, you can order online at this link. They will email you when the packs are in for your to pick up.

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