Monday, March 1, 2010


Here are some rebates that I have come across in the past few weeks. The Dannon Class Action Suit one seems very interesting!


Save $5 off $10 Frozen food purchase( 3/1-3/31) from coorslight
Save $5 when you buy $10 any frozen food( min $10), valid 3/1/-3/31, compliments of Coors Light, valid in KY, NC an WV. Postmarked by 4/15/10
Multiple receipts allowed. NBPR.Mail to:
Forzen Food Rebate Offer
PO 9006
Offer number 101081
bredgeport NJ 08014

Miller Lite Save $5/10 deli item( 3/10- 4/6)
Miller lite Save $5 off $10 any deli items( MIn $10), valid 3/10-4/6,valid in KY, NC, VA, WV only. postmarked by 4/16/10, NBPR
mail to:
Deli rebate offer
PO Box 9194
offer number 101105
Biridgeport, NC, 08014

Kraft $55 throughout the school year

Dannon Activa & DanActive Class Action Lawsuit Rebate
Dannon was sued for false advertisement as they could not substanitiate the health claims made in their advertising and it was proven misleading. You could receive up to $100 via a rebate form if you provide proof of purchase. Up to $15 with no proof of purchase required. Go here for more information about applying.
I hate that I don’t have any receipts from last year as I bought a ton of this stuff last summer when it was on sale for triples!

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Chrystal said...

Where can I find the Miller Lite rebate forms? Will any frozen meal like Healthy Choice or Smart ones qualify??