Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wine Tag finds!

I made my HT and Lowes trip today and had to rush home to update my posts as they had even better prices than the preview ad had. Make sure you go out to the blog to look at what I updated.

While I was in HT I passed a wine display with wine tags for $1 off Chicken. I can't remember the name of the brand, but it had a rooster on it! I used the tags on 2 pkgs of chicken. Remember if you live on NC there is no wine or beer purchase necessary to use the coupon as it is against the law in our state for alcohol companies to require you to purchase the alcohol with a coupon.

I was thrilled in HT to save $65 by combining a $10 off $50 with all my other coupons. Here is what I got for $13:

Frozen Turkey Breast

2 pkgs Chicken Breasts (bone in)

2 cases DP Water

2 pkgs of cheese sticks

2 canteloupes

3 boxes granola bars

1 pkg blueberries

1 pkg mushrooms

1 pkg baby carrots

1 pkg frozen fish

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Julie said...

HOw did you get the $10 off $50 ?