Saturday, May 22, 2010

Missed that Sunday paper!

Have you ever forgotten to get a Sunday paper or are new to couponing and would love to go back in time and get the coupons that you missed?  Let me tell you about a wonderful site that I love that will allow you to get newspaper coupons after the Sunday paper is no longer available.  It's called The Coupon Clippers . Their site is wonderful because it carries inserts from all across the country so you can even get a different dollar amount coupon. I use this site to pre-order so I can get more of a particular value coupon for an upcoming sale or couponing event like triples or super doubles. It is illegal to sell coupons, so this site charges a VERY REASONABLE handling fee. I  love to use them because they are a Christian home school family and they have the lowest handling fees I've seen. If you place an order via the links in this post or the button to the right of my blog post, you will help me by supporting my blog. THANKS~~

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