Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rite Aid Deals this week (7/12)

I went to Rite Aid and found the following deals:

2 Herbal Essence 2/$5 - $3/2 q -$2/2 Single check rebate (SCR)= FREE
1 Infusium 23 product 4.99-$3q-$1.99 SCR=FREE
Crest Natural Expressions toothpaste 2.49-.75q-1.74 SCR=FREE
Lypsl moisturizer .99-$1 SCR=-.01
RA cotton balls(pkg 20% more free) 1.49-.50 RA q from booklet at front of store= .99 (I needed these).
2 Rite Aid brand zyrtec 30ct BIGIF 17.99-4 RAq x 2 (got these in the mail from RA)= 9.99 or 4.99 ea box
2 child's golf shirts (using for school uniform's ) 3.99 ea. sale price

I had a $10 RA gift certificate, so I spent 13.61 and will get $6.73 back, so actually all of the above cost me $6.88.

See you at the sales!


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