Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why CVS is my favorite store!

I love CVS for their extra care program. Everything you buy earns you extra care bucks (ECB).

Earn 2% back with every purchase in-store and online at ECB’s are rewards that you can earn at any CVS/pharmacy store or online at when you use your Extra Care card. Earn 1 Extra Buck for every 2 prescriptions purchased in-store and online at To get an Extra Care card click here. You can get up to 2 Extra Care cards per household, but I only have one and find it easier to keep up with that.

Every 3 months your Extra Bucks that you earned from the 2% and prescriptions will print on your store register receipt, or visit to print your Extra Bucks. Advertised Extra Bucks that you earn by making purchases of a product will print at the bottom of your receipt.

Once a month CVS comes out with a monthly booklet that has advertised items featuring ECB’s.

I always buy the items that are listed as free. If you have a coupon for these items you can make money! For example, Colgate total toothpaste (not pictured here) was once on sale for $2.49 and offering a $2 ECB with purchase. I happened to have $1.50 coupon., so I paid .99 for the toothpaste and got a $2 ECB that I could use on my next purchase.

Each week CVS has products listed in their ad that generate ECB’s. I always look at those products first. Be aware of limits offered many times you can buy more than one of things. The limit is listed in the ad. You'll notice the Kotex has a limit of 5 per customer while the stomach products has a limit of 1.

Rolling your ECB’s
The key concept behind making the most of your money at CVS is to roll their ECB’s into buying products that earn more ECB’s. For example let’s say your first week you spend out of pocket $30 but get $20 worth of ECB’s. The following week you will use those $20 worth of ECB’s to make your purchases on more products that generate ECB’s and just continue the cycle. That way you are spending their money and not yours. Just be aware that the ECB’s have expiration dates. Make sure you use them before they expire.


CRT’s are coupons that print on your register tape. These are specifically for you from CVS. You can use manufacturers coupons in conjunction with the CRT. They have expiration dates and they must be used with the Extra Care card that they were scanned with.
I highly recommend reading this for more information. It is also where I found the pictures to illustrate with.

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