Sunday, July 27, 2008

What's on sale at Bi-Lo (through 7/29)?

Here is what I saw at Bi-Lo, not a whole lot, but I may do the P7G deal as my son needs a backpack!

Pillsbury pizza crust or Italian breads 2/$3-.30=.90
.30 7/13SS

Vidalia Onions .99lb.

Little Debbie snack cakes 10/$10

General Mills Cereal B1G1F (cause like we need more cereal after HT‘s triples!)
There are .55 Internet printables for a lot of these. Look them up in the database.

Rice a roni $10/10
.50 Internet printable

Bertolli pasta sauce $2-.60 =.80
.60 or .75 5/4RP

Cheeze It’s $2
$1 Internet Printable (Not sure if they'll take a competitors IP)

Boneless pork tenderloins B1G1F (not sure of price, my buy price is $2 or less per lb.)

Boneless skinless chicken breasts in frozen bag 6.99
(HT’s are 9.99 and they run them B1G1F when they put them on sale which makes them $5 a bag)

Hillshire Farms tub pack deli lunch meat 2.99
.55 & .75 q’s out there

Wild Caught Salmon fillets 2.99
(HT has had lots of $2 off Wild Alaska Seafood wine tags)

Tide 24-40 load $5.99-.35-.50=4.79
.35 7/6 P&G
.50 Bi-Lo store q in today’s insert (I have no idea if this one will double, it’s doubtful)

Downy 64oz. 2.99 -.50=1.99
.25 7/6 P&G or .50 blinkie from FL
(The ad says spend $25 on P&G products and get a $20 gift certificate. spend $30 on P&G products and get a $20 gift certificate + a $5 off your next grocery purchase
Downy and Tide are P&G and there are some other products (charmin bounty on sale, but not really great deals so I didn’t list them. This deal may be worth it for a free back pack, buy 4 Tide and 4 Downy and you’ll hit the $31 mark) UPDATE: I went today to do this and ended up making out fairly well, you can use any P&G items and I stumbled across another deal looking for more P& G products:

Herbal Essence shampoo & conditioner 2.50x2= 5-2-3=FREE
$2/2 Bi-Lo q in the Bi-Lo insert today
$3/2 P&G q from 7/6
Incidentally I didn't even get the ebags certificate no catalinas ever printed out. The manager was VERY kind though, he gave me a gas token, a $5 on my next $25 purchase and a $25 gas card, in lieu of the deal. There were other people there getting their catalinas, not sure why mine didn't print.

Glad sandwich bags B1G1F
There are some peelies out there

See you at the sales!


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