Sunday, July 27, 2008

What's a deal at CVS through 8/2?

FINALLY CVS IS BACK TO HAVING SOME ECB DEALS!!!! Don't forget the monthly booklet will come out the 31st so make sure you check it for the August deals.

Month long deal
CVS 22 ct. pantiliners .99 -.99 ECB = FREE (limit 2)
CVS tampons 5ct 1.49-1.49ECB = FREE (limit 2)
Pledge dusting spray 4.59-B1G1F q-$2ECB= 2.59 or 1.30 ea can

Weekly Deals
Dasani water 3.99 limit 2

Scott paper towels 8 pack 4.99 limit 3
$1 6/29SS

Buy $10 worth of candy get $5 limit 5
Candy that I noticed coupons for:
M&M’s 2.50
.75 dark M&M q
Twizzler 1.50
B2G1F tear pad q
Hershey bars
B2G1F tear pad q
Lifesavers B1G1
B1G1 6/8SS (this is a SWEET deal if you have this q)
Trident/Stride 3 pck
$1 peelies
Dove 1.50
B1G1F IP (try the link to on the right of this blog, hopefully it's still out there)
$1.50 5/11RP

Buy 3 Amex cards get $5 ECB limit 1 (great for gifts or to give to your teenagers for back to school clothes/supplies shopping)

Shick Intuition 3.99 no limit listed
$2, 3, 4 q’s 6/29SS

Revlon limited edition makeup 9.99 w/ 9.99 ECB
Various q’s out there make this a money maker!

Maybelline/Garnier ECB deal (an OK deal if you have some ECB’s to use up) 12.99+5.99-2-1-10= 5.98 for both
Garnier anti puff eye roller 12.99
$2 tear pad q
Maybeline define a lash mascara 5.99
$1 4/27 RP
Get $10 ECB

Band Aid 2.99-.50-2.00= .49 limit 1
.50 & $1 q’s out there
Get $2 ECB

Johnson & Johnson ECB deal: $10 ECB WYB $20 prod:
There are many products with q’s listed, just make sure you go by the picture in the ad. There is some talk on HCW about he J&J buddies soap, but I don’t think it will work as it is not listed in the ad.

Kodak Movie 9.99-9.99ECB= FREE
Take your summer vacation photos to make a summer movie!

See you at the sales!


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