Monday, August 4, 2008

Harris Teeter

I'm back from the beach, so I am cutting things short this week. I am skipping most of the grocery store ads this week except for one notable tip about Harris Teeter that Nancy gave me. I think she said it was on Charlotte Mommies and I'm sure you can find it on Hot Coupon World.

Go to Harris Teeter and buy 10 boxes of Eggo waffles. They are on sale for 1.25 ea and there are were coupons in the Sunday paper for $1/2. If you were lucky enough to buy 5 papers this week (good luck, I have been everywhere trying to find more there were some GREAT coupons this week), then you'll get your Eggo's for .75 ea. After you complete your transaction you will get a catalina that will print that you fill out and mail in for $10 rebate (no receipt needed) and there was also a rebate for Kellogg's in the Sunday paper for $10 that you can use your receipt to fill out and mail. This combination will make you anywhere from $7.50-12.50 depending on how many coupons you have and you'll have 10 free boxes of Eggo's to start the school year with. Hurry this double dip deal ends tomorrow!

Incidentally I didn't have room in my freezer for 10 boxes, so I bought 4 and combined it with some fruit snacks and dare I say more cereal. I didn't get my catalina!! However I went to customer service and the WONDERFUL people at HT, gave me $10! I love Harris Teeter. My total OOP was $3 and I still can send in my receipt to Kellogg's for my $10 rebate. So if you don't get a catalina stop by CS.

See you at the sales!



Kelly said...

Your harris teeter rebate has to be postmarked by today, August 5th.

Kelly said...

Your harris teeter rebate has to be postmarked by today. August 5.

Melissa said...

And my good friend Erin pointed out that the one that came in the newspaper on Sunday didn't start until 8/5 (today), so I may not be able to double dip after all! :(
I can't complain $3 is still great for all I got!