Monday, August 4, 2008

Rite Aid through 8/6

Lots of freebies and money makers at Rite Aid this week. Here is what I found:

GE light bulbs $2 sale- $2 SCR= FREE

Oil of olay facial cleanser 7.99-7.99SCR-$1 8/3 P&G= (-$1)

Noxzema razors 3.99-3.99SCR = FREE (if you're buying it you may want to see if there is a coupon inside, some have .50 inside)

Worthington haircare 4.99-4.99SCR= FREE

Gilette mens shampoo 4.49-3.49SCR- $1 8/3 P&G= FREE

Revlon nailpolish 2.99-2.99 SCR-$1 4/6 SS, 7/20 SS = (-$1)

See you at the sales!


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