Friday, October 17, 2008

Bi-Lo through 10/21

Bi-Lo brought back their FREE GAS promotion. You need 8 tokens (catalinas that print at the register) to get a $25 gas card between now and December 30th. Now you have to spend $50 to get the token or: biy $50 in gift cards, 2lbs or more of angus beef sirloin steak, 2lbs or more of meat or cheese from deli counter, or buy a specially marked FREE gas program item to get a token. You can also transfer and fill a prescription and get 5 tokens .

Month Long Specials through 11/4:
There are lots of coupons in the Monthly Ad for Southern Home products(their store brand), be sure to pick up a copy of the ad and check the prices all month long as they sometimes run specials on these too!
Eckrich lunch makers $1
.75 7/20SS = FREE
$1 /2 9/28SS= .50ea.

Fuze $1
Find several tear pad q’s at convenience stores

Martha White muffin or biscuit mix $1
.55 /2 8/24RP = .45 ea

Gerber 1st Foods $1
B5G1F IP = .80 ea

Knorr Pasta or Rice side dishes $1
.75 /2 10/5RP = .25 ea.

Tropicana Pure Premium OJ 89 oz. 4.99
$2 came in newspaper wrap a while back = 2.99

Coffeemate 32 oz. 2.49
.50 9/14RP = 1.49

Rachel’s Yogurt5/$4
B1G1F IP = .40 ea.

Mt. Olive banana peppers B1G1F
.75 hangtag

Idahoan instant potatoes .88

New York Texas Toast Croutons 4/$5
.55 9/28RP = .15
.55 Oct Family Circle Mag = .15
(You can just about always get these for FREE at Triples so I would wait until HT has there triples beginning of Nov to buy these)

Pompeian Vinegars 2/$4
.50 IP = $1

Betty Crocker brownies 4/$5
.55 IP (click on banner to right of post) = .15

PowerAde $1
.30 convience store tear pads = .40
$5 /5 powerades WYB 10 Vitamin waters ($1) Q found in monthly Bi-Lo sale paper at front of store

Ocean Spray 46 oz. 3/$6
$1 IP = $1

Breakfast Breaks B1G1F
B1G1F coupons in magazines (Hallmark, Parents, BH&G) = FREE

General Mills cereals 2/$5
.75 IP (click on link on right) = $1

DELI: Buy 2lbs or more to get a gas token!

Butterball turkey or chicken breast 4.99lb.

Dietz & watson yellow or white american cheese 4.99lb

Oranges 4 lb. bag B1G1F
(buy one bag for ½ price)

Potatoes B1G1F
(buy one bag for ½ price)

Breyers ice cream B1G1F
(buy one bag for ½ price)

Ben & Jerry’s Pints B1G1F
(buy one bag for ½ price)
$1/ 2 10/12RP

Pork Lion B1G1F
(my buy price is $2 or less per pound, have them slice the loins into roasts or chops for free)

Eckrich franks, lunchmeat, sausage B1G1F
(buy one bag for ½ price)
Numerous coupons for these 7/20 SS, 8/24SS, 8/10SS, 9/28SS

Chicken breasts .97lb

Pepperidge Farm Bagels B1G1F
(buy one bag for ½ price)
.55 10/5SS

Pepperidge Farm Bread B1G1F
(buy one bag for ½ price)
.55 peelie
.35 9/28SS

Smart Balance cooking spray B1G1F
(buy one bag for ½ price)
.50 9/7RP

Dinty Moore Beef Stew B1G1F
$1/ 2 9/7SS

Progresso Soup B1G1F
(buy one bag for ½ price)
.50 IP
.50/2 9/7 & 10/5GM

Fiber One toaster pastries 3/$5
$1 home mailer q

Chinet cut crystal cups or plates B1G1F
$1 IP

Dial soap 2/$3
.30 10/5SS

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