Friday, October 17, 2008

Hallmark Coupons

I got some Hallmark coupons via email:
$5 off $20 and $2 off $10 both are good through the end of October.


Chrystal said...

Melissa I am SO excited to get these Hallmark coupons as I was there today and my coupon was for a specifc store and they wouldn't honor it! Anyway, will you check the link for the $5 one, I can't get it to work!

Melissa said...


I re linked it so try it again, if it's not working, email me and I'll foward you the email I got and you can print them off there. BTW I think these are store specific too, to the one on Providence by Lowes Foods.


Donna said...

Chrystal, I got the $2 off coupon for Beth's Hallmark (at the Arboretum) and they honored it at the Hallmark at SOuth Park. Maybe some do and some don't?!